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AVIS Aim High

As an employer, you need to know that the employees you hire are employees who are qualified, trustworthy, and a perfect fit for your company. The last thing you'll want to experience is the stress of going through the hiring process with uncertainty. As a full-service manpower agency, AVIS Aim High Manpower Agency has the employment and human resource solutions you need to alleviate any doubt by finding suitable employees for your business. We offer tools, resources, and services designed to help your company meet its needs as an employer, its production goals, and much more. Plus, our incorporators and top management are veterans of the manpower agency industry.

We offer manpower in the following services:

     - Housekeeping and Special One-Time Cleaning
     - Ground Maintenance and Gardening
     - Office Services and Allied
     - Building Maintenance Personnel
     - Messengerial
     - Food and Beverages
     - Special Events

- Provision of highly qualified personnel.
- Immediate manpower replacement if required.
- Fair payment of Wages based on government mandated daily wage rates and benefits.
- Compliance on government mandated remittances such as SSS, HDMF, Philhealth.
- Adherence to government requirements and policies such as tax payment to BIR, updated     business permits and the likes.